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Active Release Technique (ART)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

My knee was sore and stiff before I met with the chiropractor (from my workout yesterday).

I met with a new chiropractor who is certified in ART and Graston.

First the doctor evaluated my bad knee. He asked about recent treatments, measured ROM, and moved my leg in all different directions.

Second, the doctor asked me to do the following FMS Tests: Deep squat, hurdle step, and in-line lunge. No surprises here.

Third, the doctor asked me if I knew that ART was painful. I said yep I knew it was painful. He said he was going to take it easy on me tonight but that ART will hurt. He moved my knee in all different directions while applying pressure with his fingers.

Fourth, doctor applied Graston with 3 different instruments. When doctor was using the longest instrument, I had to move my leg through its full ROM.

Finally, the doctor told me to ice my knee tonight and to stretch often.

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