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MVF Training Session #7

FMS Re-tests
Shoulder mobility: not quite symmetric
Deep squat test: no change

Shoulder sweep: slow down, make sure to keep lat engaged, keep elbow locked
Hard rolling: okay to keep foot on the ground when rolling

Corrections for swings
Start with left hand to make sure lat is engaged
Keep chest up during the set-up

Corrections with snatches
Start with left hand in order to make sure lat is engaged
Keep elbow close to the body during the drop
Don’t twist torso when snatching with left hand

New stuff
Squat: lower self down while holding onto something, keep chest up
Bridges with single legs: make sure hips stay level
Bird dog variation
Bat wings

Work out ladder

Post training @ Golds
5 x 3 Deadlifts (135 lbs)

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