Game on!

Shoulder mobility, stability, hard rolling, arm bars

10 min of get-ups (10 kg)

3 rounds
5 Suitcase DL (2 x 16)
5 Kneeling presses L/R (10 kg)
5 TRX Grappler push/pull L/R

3 rounds
Farmer walks (2 x 16 kg) ~ 35 steps
5 Gobblet squats (16 kg)
3 Pizza presses (10 kg)

3 rounds
5 split squats L/R (20 lbs overhead)
8 Bicep curls (20 lb barbell)
10 Snatches L/R (10 kg)

I entered the Xtreme Human Performance “Video Challenge.” I used biofeedback and tested chin-up, med grip, and neutral grip. I really couldn’t really tell the difference between any of the tests. After my workout and the biofeedback tests, I only managed 1 chin-up and 1 neutral grip.

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