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MVF Training Session #8

Saturday, November 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

FMS Re-test
Shoulder mobility: not quite symmetric (almost a 3 on the left side)
Deep squat: no change (but knee feels great and does not get stiff)

New stuff
Rib pulls: Lay on side with left knee on bosu. Put left arm under ribs inhale and the turn while exhaling.

Corrections for swing
Left foot is usually too far forward
Bell is too far out in front – get closer
Work on breathing – inhale through nose during the back swing and then exhale sharply when snapping hips

Worked on breathing – exhale as soon as bell leaves rack position; keep tension in the core
Make sure hips stay tucked under when pressing with left hand
Recommended pressing 16 kg instead of push pressing; focus on getting one good rep

Feet same width as with a swing/snatch
Turn both feet 45 degrees
Can use opposite hand to chop fold in hip
Back leg stays locked & straight while front leg can bend
Turn head to look over to opposite hip
Squeeze glute to come back up

Work out ladder (1 to 5)

GTG @ Golds
2 x 5 neutral grip

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