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Yoga for the Warrior

I wanted to do a kettlebell workout today. But, my knee has been hurting me since last Friday so I had to change my plans. After yoga, I also did foam rolling on my IT band, glutes, and quads.

I am going to take some Advil to see if it will help with the pain. My knee started hurting while I was walking around Yorktown. I wasn’t even exercising! I was just walking.

The most important thing I learned last year was to not push through pain. Initially, the thought of backing off was hard because I thought I was lose the strength I had worked so hard to gain. But, my trainer kept reassuring me that backing off would pay off in the long run.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from last year and my thoughts in italics.

It is suppose to be hard
I can’t believe I am paying for this! I must be crazy! Wow, I am getting lean and strong!

Pain makes you stupid
I wish I would have heard this in my 30’s instead of my mid-40’s.

The bad news is that what you need to eliminate for now is pretty much everything you’ve been doing: swings, cleans, presses, squats, get-ups and snatches.
WTF? What kind of trainer tells you can’t do something? Mysteriously, my knee and shoulder pain started to subside once I eliminated these exercises.

You have no business lifting that over your head if you can’t safely bring it down to the rack position
Well, I used to do this all the time. And oh yeah my shoulder and bicep would ache because I kept banging myself with the bell.

In my professional opinion, you shouldn’t do that
Yep, you are probably right but I saw it on YouTube!

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