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Shoulder mobility, stability, hard rolling, arm bars
Leg swings, knee circles

3 rounds: 20 swings (16 kg), 10 TRX burpees L/R followed by a push-up
5 x 16 kg C&P (push press on the left side)
3 rounds: 5 Suitcase DL (2 x16 kg), 5 renegade rows L/R (2 x 12 kg), 10 snatches L/R (10 kg)

Foam rolling on glutes, IT band, quads, hip flexors

I used my Christmas gift card to buy a new heart rate monitor (HRM). I don’t wear it on my wrist if I am doing any kettlebell work. I usually put the watch on the ground near me but sometimes it is too far and doesn’t record any data.
Total time: 54 min 36 sec
HR: 118 avg, 178 max, 64 min
Total calories: 287

2 medium grip pull-ups
2 neutral grip pull-ups
2 chin-ups

Categories: Strength Workout
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