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MVF Training Session #10

Saturday, February 12, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Left hip flexor is tight – need to spend time stretching it

Hips are too low during the set up (losing power)
Follow through with hips at top of swing and stay locked at the top
“Aim for the groin and then get out of the way”

Keep left wrist locked at the top of the snatch (bell is moving around too much)

16 kg Presses
After racking the bell, inhale before pressing up and look at the bell
Use big handle instead of the ladies handle (helps engage lats)
Try doing presses in the morning when fresh

Use bench for balance
Make sure hip on opposite leg does not open up
Point big toe inward on leg that is raised
Make the glute do the work

Workout: 3 rounds
5 SLDL L/R with 8 kg
Chain of swing, C&P, snatch with 12 kg (5 each side)

** Snatching 12kg felt good today

Golds Gym
3 x 5 DL @ 135 lbs – felt pretty rusty

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