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MVF Training Session #11: Double Kettlebells

Double Presses
Bigger inhale before pressing and keep core tight
Look at bells while pressing them overhead

Make sure to follow through with hips at the top of the swing
Make sure feet stay planted on the floor and grip with the big toe (feet were dancing around when doing double swings)

Make sure to get a good hip snap when snatching with the right hand (using my arm to muscle up the bell)

1/2 Get-ups
3 x 2 @ 14 kg – getting stronger!

Inhale before rolling to elbow and dig heel into ground
Get both cheeks on floor when arm fully extended (before bridging)

Workout: 4 rounds with 2 x 10 kg
5 Swings
5 Presses
5 Snatches
5 Push presses

My feet were sore after the workout.

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