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Deadlift Program Week#3

I spent a long time foam rolling because everything felt tight tonight.
Ankle mobility, leg swings, knee circles, TRX squats

Perrylizers for glute activation

5 x 5 @ 125 lbs
I really focused on engaging my lats at the start. As soon as the bar passed my knees I squeezed my glutes.

On the 4th and 5th sets, I had to switch my grip in the middle of the set.

Okay, Pavel was smart to put in a minimum of 5 minutes rest between sets.

Feedback I have gotten from various RKC’s about week 2’s video

“the first thing that pops out to me is that she is just ‘holding’ onto the bar. She needs to really engage her lats and take all the slack out of the bar( and her body) before she begins to pull; and then continue to pull the bar in with the lats as she drives the hips. and, she needs to ‘arch harder’ throughout the lift to make sure she doesn’t flex her lumbar spine. otherwise good basic form. (Mark Reifkind)”

“I’d have her read “Power To The People!” – tons of great deadlifting advice, no need to repeat it all here. Your client’s form doesn’t look bad to me overall but doing things the PTTP way would be, IMHO, better, and she’d likely move more weight, too.”

“The armpits being a bit tighter might help. Reading PTTP is great advice.”

“She is flexing a little as she pulls up. I would have her sit back on her heels more in the start and take the slack out of the bar before she begins the pull.”

“Needs to be a little more dynamic in her pull.
Looks to passive IMO.
As Rif said needs to get tighter.
Squeeze the bar flex the triceps with straight arms,drive her heels to China as Dan John would say.
As the bar just passes the knees i’d really be squeezing the glutes hard and driving the hips foward similar to the hard style swing.
Not bad video though if she’s a beginner.”

“Yeah, what they said. She needs to wedge in and squeeze the bar off the ground, not just lift it idly. I think a deep sniff in to brace the abs and obliques will also help with the lumbar issue in addition to trying to keep the arch.”

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