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Deadlift PR is 180 lbs

Foam rolling, Hard rolling, Brettzel 2.0
Ankle mobility, leg swings, knee circles, TRX squats, kneeling hip flexor stretch

2 rounds (warm up)
10 swings (16 kg)
5 push-ups
DL @ 145 lbs

160 lbs – good
175 lbs – good
185 lbs – first attempt failed, second failed
180 lbs – New PR video
185 lbs – almost but my grip was too weak

My previous deadlift PR was 152 lbs (August 10, 2010); I was working with a trainer once a week at that time and not training specifically for deadlifting.

This time I followed Pavel’s 10 week training program. The program actually took me longer than 10 weeks because I took a break after week 7 to work on my form. Then I started back on week 4. And I also had to cut the training short by one week because of my upcoming vacation.

I really liked Pavel’s program because it was simple. But, the program was not easy – especially week 7 when I was doing 5 x 5. I can honestly say though that I always looked forward to my deadlift training day (usually Wednesday).

My glutes have definitely gotten stronger along with my vastus medialis.

My weight today was 118.5 lbs.

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