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Training Plan # 2 – Conditioning

Week #5 is finally over!

For the BUP, I used a 12 kg – there was no way I could do this on my left side today. I skipped the tuck-ins to give my right wrist a rest. I used a 12 kg bell for all the snatches.

It was a very paleo Sunday. I started the day off with pumpkin pancakes from Paleo Comfort Foods, bacon, and strawberries.

For dinner tonight, we are having the Civilized Caveman’s Crockpot short ribs.

Nom Nom Paleo

I came in second… to last place in the Survival Challenge 4 Max Rep Chin ups! I am just honored to be mentioned on the same page as strong women like Neghar Fonooni and Jen Sinkler!

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