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Injury Report

Well, some how I strained my right glute muscle on Friday evening. I got up from my chair after watching Downton Abbey and felt pain in my right glute muscle. It actually hurt to walk. My right knee is also sore.

Is this what it feels like to get old? I must have strained my muscle the day before when I did spinning?

Yesterday morning I did some yoga because I thought stretching the muscles would help. But, my glute muscle hurt during yoga so I stopped. I took some ibuprofen and then scheduled a deep tissue massage at Happy Feet Reflexology. I have had the reflexology twice before but never had a full body massage here.

I was a little nervous because my previous deep tissue massages have been very painful. After my wonderful session today, I told my massage therapists about my previous painful experiences and he told me that he is patient and does not apply a lot of pressure right off the bat. He told me that my hamstring and lower back muscles were very tight and recommended stretching them. I took some more ibuprofen and then before bed I took a muscle relaxant.

My glute muscle felt better this morning but it still hurts a little when I walk. I wanted do something active today that would not aggravate my injury so I decided to work on around the injury

5 x 5 Seated presses (10 kg)
3 x 10 Bench presses (50 lbs)
3 x 60 second planks on my elbows
5 SLDL (no weight)

Check out the article on Powerful Reasons to Use a Workout Log.

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  1. Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    So sorry to hear that you’re hurting. Indeed, this is what we get to look forward to when our bodies age, but not our minds! I hope you get to rest your lower body and let it heal a little.

  2. Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Thanks – I knew watching too much TV was bad for me!

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