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Kettlebells for the Busy Professional

I did the “Furnace” work out today from Kettlebells for the Busy Professional.

I highly recommend this DVD for someone who is interested in learning how to safely use kettlebells or for someone who is looking to improve their technique for the swing and get-up. Delaine Ross (RKC Team Leader) provides excellent instruction on the basic exercises and gives cueing throughout the DVD. Remember – a good trainer should do more than just count your reps during a session!

Kettlebells for the Busy Professional

I used a 16 kg bell for the swings and a 8 kg bell for the get-ups. I purposely choose a light bell for the get-ups because I knew that there were back lunges in the workout (these have sometimes caused knee pain). I did not do the kneeling windmills on my left side because I do not have enough range of motion in my left leg.

Today was just too beautiful to stay inside so we went for a short training hike. We did a short and out back hike to Weverton Cliffs, MD. Because of knee pain when hiking, I usually take ibuprofen before and during my hike (if it last more than 4 hours). I know it is not good to take ibuprofen so please no lectures.

So, I have been looking for alternatives and got a prescription for Voltaren Gel. I applied the gel directly to both knees about 1 hours before we started to hike. We wound up hiking about 2 hours and 10 minutes. There were a couple of times when we were hiking downhill that my knees ached a bit but not sharp pain.

Weverton Cliffs March 2012

After the hike we stopped by the ATC to see if they got any new hiking shirts. We then walked down to lower town to check out the moving sale at the The Outfitter At Harpers Ferry. Next we went to buy groceries and as we were leaving the checkout stand, my knees started to ache again – this was almost 6 hours after I applied the gel.

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