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Easy does it

I had to take a break from my training for two reasons.

First, I tweaked my left shoulder during my session with the personal trainer last Thursday. I google-diagnosed myself and I think I might have Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. Now that I am in my late forties, I have learned that RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is the best way to treat an injury like this.

Second, we lost power at the house early Saturday morning due to the derecho. I get my water from a well so that means I did not have any water either. The power was finally restored on Tuesday evening – 4 days later!

Fortunately, the basement stayed a constant 73 degrees the entire time despite the fact that the upstairs got as hot as 86 degrees. Both cats handled the heat better than me and preferred to stay upstairs during the day. But, the cats were freaked out because we slept in the basement in order to stay cool.

We were luckier than most because we had a generator, a cool basement, our animals were safe, and we could shower at work. But, I was exhausted by the whole ordeal and did not have any desire to exercise!

The purpose of tonight’s workout is to simply get my lower body moving again.

5 x 5 Goblet squat (14 kg)
3 x 5 SLDL (no weight)
5 @ 30 sec wall squats
10 x up/down stairs with 25 lb back pack

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