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Feline Family Day 6

It has been 6 days since we first discovered the new feline family in our neighborhood. We do not know if they are stray cats or feral cats.

My sister sent me a link for Feral Cats: Frequently Asked Questions. We have already grown fond of this family and want to find a way to help them have a better life.

We have been putting food out in the morning and at night on our porch. We never leave the food out overnight. The mother cat has been coming for the food but we have not seen the kittens on our porch since last Saturday.

The family is living in a woodpile in our neighbor’s yard. Each night, the brown fluffy kitten comes out to play after 6 PM. We rarely see the other grey kitten.

Brown fluffy kitten

Brown fluffy kitten

While we were watching the kitten play, we noticed that the mother cat was lying in the grass near the porch. Once we went inside she jumped onto the porch and ate her dinner.

Momma cat

Momma cat

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