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Lower Body Workout

My shoulder and neck muscles were still bothering me so I went to the chiropractor yesterday. She did some manual manipulation and did not think it was anything serious even though it has been bothering me for almost 3 weeks. She told me to apply ice since it will be sore from the office visit. She recommended coming back for at least one more visit.

So, tonight I just wanted to focus on lower body exercises. At this point, I want to do everything possible to heal this injury before my hike in Maine.

3 x 5 SLDL (12 kg)
3 x 5 Glute bridges with barbell (95 lbs)
4 x 6 Goblet squats (14 kg)
30 sec planks on my elbows
3 x 5 Split squats (2 x 10 kg)

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