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To Squat or Not Squat

Saturday, March 24, 2012 2 comments

I was very pleased that I did not have any knee pain from doing squats yesterday. I have purposely not done squats for the past couple of years because they caused a lot of joint pain in my knees. But, I miss squatting. I miss the feeling of having powerful quad muscles.

Please no lectures on the proper squat mechanics. I am not able to perform a rock bottom squat because I cannot bend my left leg more than 90 degrees.

I was evaluated by a CK-FMS in May of 2010. One of the test is the Deep Squat test and I am not able to get my glutes below my knees even if I elevate my heels. Click here for a video.

The CK-FMS recommended visiting a chiropractor to see if I could increase the range of motion (ROM) by breaking up scar tissue from surgery in 1982. After several very painful visits in which the chiropractor used Graston technique, I did increase my ROM almost 5 degrees – this allowed me to walk down stairs without any pain.

I have also received Deep Tissue Laser Treatment on both knees. This treatment did not increase my ROM but it did help with knee pain and my bad knee no longer locks up after sitting for long periods of time.

Deep Dissue Laser Treatment

I went to an orthopedic surgeon last year who took x-rays of both knees. It was his opinion that the limiting factor in the ROM was arthritis. He told me to continue to push the ROM and to NOT gain weight. He said that every 10 lbs of extra weight will feel like 70 lbs when you go down hill.

So, I am going to start to squatting again. It felt good and there was no pain!

This morning I did “Spin & Slim” in my very crammed living room. I would give the contractor a bonus if he would hurry up and finish my basement!


MVF Training Session #7

Sunday, October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

FMS Re-tests
Shoulder mobility: not quite symmetric
Deep squat test: no change

Shoulder sweep: slow down, make sure to keep lat engaged, keep elbow locked
Hard rolling: okay to keep foot on the ground when rolling

Corrections for swings
Start with left hand to make sure lat is engaged
Keep chest up during the set-up

Corrections with snatches
Start with left hand in order to make sure lat is engaged
Keep elbow close to the body during the drop
Don’t twist torso when snatching with left hand

New stuff
Squat: lower self down while holding onto something, keep chest up
Bridges with single legs: make sure hips stay level
Bird dog variation
Bat wings

Work out ladder

Post training @ Golds
5 x 3 Deadlifts (135 lbs)

Active Release Technique (ART)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Leave a comment

My knee was sore and stiff before I met with the chiropractor (from my workout yesterday).

I met with a new chiropractor who is certified in ART and Graston.

First the doctor evaluated my bad knee. He asked about recent treatments, measured ROM, and moved my leg in all different directions.

Second, the doctor asked me to do the following FMS Tests: Deep squat, hurdle step, and in-line lunge. No surprises here.

Third, the doctor asked me if I knew that ART was painful. I said yep I knew it was painful. He said he was going to take it easy on me tonight but that ART will hurt. He moved my knee in all different directions while applying pressure with his fingers.

Fourth, doctor applied Graston with 3 different instruments. When doctor was using the longest instrument, I had to move my leg through its full ROM.

Finally, the doctor told me to ice my knee tonight and to stretch often.

MVF Training Session #6

Saturday, September 4, 2010 Leave a comment

FMS Retest: New score is 16 (up from 12)
1. Deep squat
2. Rotary stability
3. Shoulder mobility
4. Inline lunge
5. Hurdle step

3 rounds of presses
5 x 12 kg, 2 x 14 kg, 1 x 16 kg (not able to do this on 2nd,3rd sets)

2 rounds
Bear crawls
Suitcase deadlift circuit
8 x 12 kg (52 lbs)
4 x 16 kg (70 lbs)
2 x 20 kg (88 lbs)
1 x 24 kg (106 lbs)

Practiced swinging with 16 kg
* Make sure to lock wrists and elbows

4 medium grip pull-ups
No bend in elbow